Lakewood Health System Has Sought to Improve Community Health Since 1936

Lakewood Health System Has Sought to Improve Community Health Since 1936 Photo

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Todd County is fortunate to have Lakewood Health System (LHS) as a regional healthcare provider. The foundation for LHS was laid in 1936 and through a variety of mergers and acquisitions, LHS has grown into a healthcare system treating people of all ages and levels of health across ten townships and six cities. Lakewood Health System offers a full spectrum of healthcare services, including a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital, surgical and outpatient services, specialty services and providers, senior housing and home-based services, five primary care clinics, pharmacy, gift and healthcare retail stores, and much more. For residents of Todd County, the healthcare they provide can be both healing and life-changing. Whether a resident has the flu, is delivering a baby or needs surgery – Lakewood Health System can provide the care they need.

LHS is also focused on community health initiatives that will improve the wellbeing of Todd County residents. These initiatives include programs designed to address food insecurity, reducing opioid usage, and providing care for those suffering from mental health issues. This is in addition to improving access to healthcare for all county residents.

Though Lakewood Health System has evolved over the years and is focused on several new initiatives, their ownership has stayed local. They are managed by a regional board of directors and take great care to listen to the needs of the community when planning for the future. As such, one of their main goals is to stay independent. This allows LHS to be more responsive to the needs of the community, something that is necessary for fulfilling their goal of improving access to healthcare, improving the overall health of our community and providing the right care, at the right place, at the right time.

Reaching their goals does require help from the community. LHS management is committed to working with state and federal legislators to make changes to laws and funding that will help to improve access to rural healthcare. They are asking Todd County residents to assist in these efforts by contacting the legislators and explaining the importance of rural healthcare and what it means to their families, stating, “If the majority of legislators are from metropolitan areas, do they really understand the issues of rural healthcare?”

The Todd County Development Corporation (TCDC) and our community partners have also supported LHS, providing key assistance when needed. For example, we provided support when LHS applied for grants and USDA funding and helped to secure federal economic development dollars to pay for water and sewer in their new building project. “The TCDC has also been instrumental in helping to retain and attract businesses to the area – something that directly correlates with our success. Additionally, all businesses in the county have benefited from their work with local phone companies and cooperatives to enhance broadband access,” said Tim Rice, LHS President and CEO.           

Lakewood Health System is a true community asset – one that also finds value from being located in Todd County. “In Todd County, our employees have access to great healthcare and get to collaborate with partners for the greater good of the community. Many regions do not have that, and it is a huge factor in the choice of where to live. Todd County is also centrally located and really accessible to everything while benefiting from a great quality of life, whether you have a family or are retired. From a business perspective, we have found our local employees to be incredibly dedicated and hard-working,” said Tim Rice.

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Todd County is a regional healthcare hub and providers like Lakewood Health System are a true community asset. There are opportunities for healthcare companies and those who support them to do very well in our County. To learn more or to inquire about living in Todd County, contact us!