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Todd County

Bertha, MN

Welcome to Bertha City Website City of Bertha PO Box 65 Bertha, MN 56437 Mayor: Ken Nelson PO Box 205 Bertha, MN 56437 218-924-2946 Clerk: Janet Umland PO Box 65 Bertha, MN 56437 218-924-4454  ...Learn More »

Browerville, MN

Welcome to Browerville Browerville has a population of 793 and is located near the visual center of Minnesota between Wadena and Sauk Centre on Highway 71. City Website   City Hall: Box 247 Browerville, MN 56438 Phone: 320-594-2201 Email: Mayor: Robert Heid PO Box 52 Browerville, MN 56438 320-594-6027 Clerk: Bobbi Jo Freie PO Box 247 Browerville, MN 56438 320-594-2201 Community Profile: Browerville City Information City Parcel Map  ...Learn More »

Burtrum, MN

Welcome to Burtrum Burtrum is a classic Midwestern small town of about 150 residents. The town is home to the popular and appropriately named Hub Supper Club, which draws recreational visitors from across the region for its renowned food and spectacular views of Long Lake, which is a recreational hub of the region.   City Information   City of Burtrum - Fire Hall Community Center Box 11 Burtrum, MN 56318 Mayor: Ron Strassburg PO Box 43 Burtrum, MN 56318 320-808-7918 Clerk: Carrie Wiechmann 320753 State 28 Bertram, MN 56318 320-333-3152 *City Council Meetings are held the 1st Monday of each month at the Community Center, 7:00PM *Building and Sewer Permits are issued by the City Council. *March Elections are held the 2nd Tuesday of March at the Burtrum Community Center *November Elections are held the 1st Tuesday of November at the Community Center, 7:00AM - 8:00PM  ...Learn More »

Clarissa, MN

Welcome to Clarissa Situated on Eagle Creek, the City of Clarissa is a regional employment center, thanks to the Central Todd County Care Center, as well as a number of small manufacturing and retail concerns. City Website   City of Clarissa P.O. Box 396 202 Main St. W Clarissa, MN 56440 Mayor: Robert Gamache PO Box 396 Clarissa, MN 56440 218-756-2681 Clerk: Sue Kent PO Box 396 Clarissa, MN 56440 218-756-2125 *Permits can be picked up at Clarissa City Hall *Elections are held at Clarissa City Hall ...Learn More »

Eagle Bend, MN

Welcome to Eagle Bend “Minnesota’s Hometown” demonstrates the positive growth that can happen when a community comes together in service of common goals. A good example is the new library and museum, the result of a local fund drive. Home to a number of manufacturing and ag-related businesses, Eagle Bend is also a short drive from area recreation on regional lakes, rivers and trails. City Website Mayor: John Chandler 134 1st Ave NW Eagle Bend, MN 56446 218-738-5812 Clerk: Kevin Hess PO Box 215 108 Main St W Eagle Bend, MN 56446 218-640-6122 Related Links: City Address Map  City Information Documents/Forms: Parcel Map  Zoning ...Learn More »

Grey Eagle, MN

Welcome to Grey Eagle With its proximity to Minnesota’s Lake Country, the small town of Grey Eagle gets a little bigger during the summer season, as visitors and summer residents visit downtown businesses like Chris’s Country Store. It’s a classic small-town feeling near lakes, trails, and other outdoor fun. City Website   City of Grey Eagle PO Box 116 202 Woodman Street South Grey Eagle, MN 56336 Mayor: Joe Arnzen PO Box 92 Grey Eagle, MN 56336 320-285-2104 Clerk: Lori Hellman PO Box 116 Grey Eagle, MN 56336 320-285-2464 *Permits can be picked up at City Hall 8:30 am - 1:30 pm *Elections are held at City Hall Documents/Forms: Parcel Map GREY EAGLE: In 1873, both the township and city were named by Alvin M. Cromwell who killed a large eagle in that area. ...Learn More »

Hewitt, MN

Welcome to Hewitt Hewitt Is a community with long history. Hewitt was platted in April 1891 on land donated by Henry Hewitt and incorporated as a village on February 20, 1899. The city was named in honor of Hewitt, a nearby farmer. Today, the City of Hewitt has a number of businesses and opportunities to enjoy a rural lifestyle. City Website   City of Hewitt PO Box 91 509 E Third Ave Hewitt, MN 56453 Mayor: Jim Opelia PO Box 112 Hewitt, MN 56453 218-820-4013 Clerk: Tara Greer PO Box 91 Hewitt, MN 56453 218-924-4343 Related Links City of Hewitt Documents/Forms Hewitt/Landuser Map City Parcel Map ...Learn More »

Long Prairie, MN

Welcome to Long Prairie The County Seat of Todd County, Long Prairie is a thriving community, named for the river that runs through its heart. With a regional airport, industrial park, and industrial business incubator building, Long Prairie is a hub of business activity for the county. It’s also an ethnically and culturally diverse place, with a strong Hispanic tradition and festivals that celebrate its history of more than 150 years. Long Prairie is a progressive community located in Central Minnesota with a population of 3,497. Long Prairie is located at three major highways: U.S. Highway 71, State Highway 27 and State Highway 287. Come see what we have to offer! City Website   Long Prairie City Hall 615 Lake Street South P.O. Box 389 Long Prairie, MN 56347 Phone: 320-732-2167 FAX: 320-732-2847 Email: City Hall Hours:  Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm Mayor: Jodi Dixon 615 Lake St S Long Prairie, MN 56347 320-732-2167 Administrator: Ted Gray 615 Lake St S Long Prairie, MN 56347 320-732-2167   Related Links: Long Prairie City Information Parcel Map ...Learn More »

Osakis, MN

Welcome to Osakis Situated on the shores of Lake Osakis, this charming town is a fishing paradise, with a dozen resorts and campgrounds creating four-season memories for families who travel to fish the waters. City Website   City of Osakis 14 Nokomis ST NE P.O. Box 486 Osakis, MN 56360 Mayor: Keith Emerson PO Box 293 Osakis, MN 56360 320-859-4584 Clerk: Angela Jacobson PO Box 486 Osakis, MN 56360 320-859-2150 *City Council Meetings are held the 1st Monday of each month - 7:00PM at the Osakis City Hall. * Permits can be picked up at City Hall or on the City of Osakis Website. * Planning and Zoning Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each month at Osakis City Hall. * Elections are held at the Ed Pollard Community Center, 18 Nokomis St W, Osakis, MN ...Learn More »

Staples, MN

Welcome to Staples The town of Staples is a thriving regional center of business, arts and culture, and education. Home to Central Lakes College, the town has a strong educational foundation, as well as a business community that includes retail and manufacturing establishments, including Lakewood Health System, 3M’s Fabrication Services Plant, Stern Manufacturing and the new Timberlake Hotel - Convention Center. City Website Mayor: Chris Etzler 122 6th St NE Staples, MN 56479 218-296-1419 Clerk: Diane Archer 122 6th St NE Staples, MN 56479 218-894-2550 Administrator: Jerel Nelsen 122 6th St NE Staples, MN 56479 218-894-2550 *City Council Meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at the Staples Government Center, Staples, MN 56479 * Construction and Utilities Permits for within the City of Staples can be picked up at the Staples Government center. * Elections are held at the Staples Community Center, 425 4th St NE, Staples, MN 56479   Documents/Forms: City Parcel Map ...Learn More »

Swanville, MN

Welcome to Swanville PO Box 296 Swanville, MN 56382 320-547-2291 City Website Mayor: Sandy Lange PO Box 276 Swanville, MN 56382 320-360-9409   Clerk: Julie Hollerman PO Box 296 Swanville, MN 56382 320-547-2291 *City Council Meetings are held the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday of the month at 7:00 PM in the Swanville Center Building ...Learn More »

Todd County, MN

We are Here to Help You Grow. Known as the place “where the forests meet the prairie,” Todd County has a rich agricultural heritage and abundant recreational opportunities side by side. Small-town values and an easy pace of life characterize Todd County. Our agricultural and value-add industries serve as a strong backbone to a growing mix of other sectors. ...Learn More »

West Union, MN

Welcome to West Union Situated on the 46-mile Lake Woebegon Trail, West Union is a charming small town at the heart of Region 5’s recreational country. The trail is a rails-to-trails project that opened in the late 1990s and caters to cyclists, pedestrians, snowmobiles, and other users. City Information City of West Union Box C-10 West Union, MN 56389 Phone: 320-352-5450 Mayor: Roger Engle PO Box 106 West Union, MN 56389 320-760-6265 Clerk: Janet Macey PO Box 207 West Union, MN 56389 320-352-5450 *City Council Meetings are held the 1st Monday of each month at the West Union Fire Hall, 6:30PM *Building and Sewer Permits can be picked up from the Clerk. *March Elections are held the 2nd tuesday of March at the West Union Fire Hall *November Elections are held the 1st Tuesday in November at the West Union Fire Hall ...Learn More »
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