Empowering Communities Through High-Speed Connections

3 Apr 2017

Broadband connection is an important key to economic and community development. Business and communities thrive when a wealth of available resources are at your fingertips.

With the support of a well-connected community, you can find answers to your greatest questions and collaborate with others in your area who have similar goals and interests. Advances in technology take these connections to a whole other level. A high-speed internet connection provides you with access to these valuable resources in a split second.

In Todd County and Region Five of Minnesota, communities and counties work together to support broadband adoption in rural areas of Todd County. The Todd County Fiberband group along with the Blandin Broadband program, Region Five Development Commission, the Initiative Foundation and Todd County Development Corporation has been instrumental in helping provide communities with technical assistance, information and financial resources to help develop a comprehensive strategy to develop broadband to create change in their own communities.

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