New Owners Learning Traditions At Ted & Gen’s Bar-B-Q, Aldrich

8 Feb 2017

Local Business

Derek and Kim Johnson completely changed their lives when they recently purchased Ted and Gen’s Bar-B-Q in Aldrich. Since taking over in January, they’re enjoying the excitement of the restaurant business.

“I always wanted to own my own business,” Derek said, “but if you had said that business was going to be a restaurant, I would’ve said you’re crazy.”

Still, the idea started to grow on him after his father talked to owner Don Ludovissie at the restaurant and found out that they were looking to sell.

Derek and Kim started slowly, working since July to learn the business, and purchased it in January.

They said they’re still learning every day but have had a lot of help from Don Ludovissie. “Ted’s means a lot to him, it’s his family’s business,” said Derek.

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