Helping entrepreneurs succeed: Entrepreneurship Month and Small Business Saturday

Helping entrepreneurs succeed: Entrepreneurship Month and Small Business Saturday Main Photo

14 Nov 2022


Minnesota is a pro-business climate providing incentives for businesses that form in the state to stimulate economic growth. Entrepreneurs have access to resources and tools to succeed in the areas of Todd County. 

Todd County Development Corporation celebrates local entrepreneurs and their accomplishments this November for National Entrepreneurship Month!  We are proud to provide support for the entrepreneurs and small business owners who fuel the heart and growth of our local job market. Entrepreneurs throughout Todd County, Minnesota are busy creating the newest products and innovations and strengthening our economy.

Business accomplishments in Minnesota and Todd County support the ranking of the United States as the world’s most entrepreneurial country in 2021. StartupBlink’s Global Startup Ecosystem Index 2022 ranked the U.S. as the country with the most business startups and a robust startup ecosystem. 

These U.S. startups often develop into small businesses. Small businesses made up 99.9 percent of U.S. businesses in 2021, so it’s essential to give those nearby mom-and-pop shops the recognition they deserve. That’s 32.5 million small businesses in the U.S. alone.

What is National Entrepreneurship Month?

National Entrepreneurship Month takes place in November and National Entrepreneurs' Day is observed every third Tuesday of November, occurring this year on November 15. Both offer a time to celebrate the efforts of entrepreneurs in communities across the U.S. that better the economy locally and nationally. 

Entrepreneurs deserve recognition and support for several reasons. They produce new and improved goods, services, and ideas, while their businesses help with job creation. As more new companies are launched, more employment opportunities become available to the public. 

How to Celebrate Entrepreneurship in Todd County, Minnesota 

During National Entrepreneurship Month, Todd County Development Corporation recognizes entrepreneurs in our community and partner organizations that guide business owners through the process of getting started, expanding, and recognizing opportunities for growth. . We applaud their shared hard work, passion, and dedication to designing new businesses and, in doing so, building the U.S. and local economies.

Todd County is home to several resources offering the connections and educational opportunities to support entrepreneurs. Todd County Development Corporation and our partners can help entrepreneurs get connected with local, regional, and global networks for business growth and expansion and for specialized assistance in such areas as marketing and international trade.

Events like Small Business Saturday support small business growth

To meet and learn about startups in Todd County,  check out local events that are coming up. Industry events are perfect for connecting with new business people in the area. An event like Small Business Saturday, which is on November 26, this year, is a great opportunity to celebrate and connect with small businesses in the area. 

After you’ve met some entrepreneurs in Todd County, be sure to follow their corporate social media accounts. Give them a shout-out in your posts, stories, and hashtags to demonstrate your interest and share their stories with others. Spread the word about National Entrepreneurship Month,  so that more and more people will begin supporting and recommending startups in Minnesota and Todd County.

Todd County Development Corporation: Dedicated to entrepreneurship

TCDC and its members are at the forefront of economic development activities in our area. Our professional staff is here to assist your business. We are a trusted resource that can help you to identify marketplace opportunities, and locate available financial incentives. Contact us to explore the many opportunities the Todd County area can offer you.