The 12 Best Amish Markets in the Country

The 12 Best Amish Markets in the Country Main Photo

10 Feb 2020

If you live in the northeastern part of the United States, you might be familiar with Amish markets. Typically, these markets sell homemade baked goods, fresh produce, Amish furniture and other handcrafted goods. But not all Amish markets are the same. Amish communities are located in 30 states, mostly in the eastern U.S., and that's where you'll find the best Amish markets.

In what is considered Amish Country (Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, along with parts of Ohio and Indiana), you'll find roadside stands and farmers markets where Amish vendors sell their goods, usually open a few days each week. You may also find old-fashioned country stores located in Amish communities that carry a wide selection of Amish goods, with some of the vendors being Amish and some not. Outside of Amish or Pennsylvania Dutch country, you can still find Amish markets, though they're not as clustered or frequent.

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