Bertha-Hewitt Public Schools Are Training Future Entrepreneurs and Skilled Workers

Bertha-Hewitt Public Schools Are Training Future Entrepreneurs and Skilled Workers Main Photo

22 Aug 2019

Students at the Bertha-Hewitt public schools undergo a rigorous academic curriculum designed to prepare them for college or technical school. They also learn how to be entrepreneurs. “We believe teaching students about entrepreneurship will help them in whichever path they choose after school. We want to show students that they can be successful right here in our community. We don’t expect all of them to start their own businesses; we want them to learn all aspects of running a business that will help them be more employable to fill jobs in our region,” said Eric Koep, Superintendent of the Bertha-Hewitt Public Schools. 

 Those who participate in the program come into it with a strong desire to learn about owning and operating a business. “We want to maximize the experience for each student in the program, so we typically limit it to 8 to 10 students. Students apply to be in the program; staff then choose which kids fit the program best based on several criteria including attitude, attendance, work ethic, and more. We hope the limited seats excites students, so they work harder in junior high in hopes to be chosen for the program. The program is becoming so successful that this fall we will discuss possibly adding staff to increase enrollment,” said Koep.

The typical high school curriculum does not teach students how to explore their ideas and turn them into a business, or show them how to operate one. Bertha-Hewitt’s emphasis on this aspect of learning is both unique and empowering. Students who participate graduate high school with the knowledge that they can start a business, however small, and the skills to do so. 

Students explore their passions at Bertha-Hewitt public schools

Those who participate in the entrepreneurial program get to explore their passions and learn how to create a business out of them. For example, students can produce bath and body products from their Pure Goodness Company, make lake signs or school spirit signs. Students utilize a lot of technology to make these products including a laser engraver, cnc plasma cutter, and a 3-d printer. These products can be found at

Career and Entrepreneurial Programs

The Bridges Academy at Bertha-Hewitt provides students the opportunity to be career and college ready for regional 21st century high wage, high skill and high growth career. Some of the benefits of participating in the academy are that students gain access to professionals in fields of interest, are guaranteed an interview with some partner businesses, are eligible for scholarships to Central Lakes College, and get to participate in field trips and guest speaker opportunities. 

Bertha-Hewitt Career Academies include:

-Advertising and Media           -Health Science

-Business                                -Law Enforcement

-Design                                    -Manufacturing

-DNR & Outdoorsman             -Professional Job Skills



Bertha-Hewitt clubs also provide students with the opportunity to gain business and leadership skills. The Business Professionals of Americaclub contributes to the preparation of a world-class workforce through the advancement of leadership, citizenship, academic, and technological skills. They are the best possible career and technical education organization for students in the United States and teach students a wide variety of business skills. 

The Video Tech Club is a more specific club that helps students who are interested in pursuing careers in video. It is designed to help students learn how to organize, edit, and produce audio, video, and other technological applications. They stream school events such as sporting events, plays and concerts. Also, students compete in online games such as DOTA 2 vs area schools.

Bertha-Hewitt Students Are Prepared for the Future

Whether students are participating in clubs, a career academy or an entrepreneurial program, those graduating from Todd County’s Bertha-Hewitt Public School are prepared for the future. They have learned how to explore their passions, develop ideas, lead and innovate. Local businesses benefit from them having this skill set for when they hire local graduates, they are hiring students who can positively contribute to their organization right away. This is one reason that local businesses interview students graduating from the school’s academies. Put simply – the program works. 

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