Nursing field is attracting more males, both in Minnesota and nationwide

6 Jul 2018

Long before Raney Linck joined the nursing profession or became a clinical assistant professor at the University of Minnesota, he bounced from one sales gig to another for seven years.

Then the routine started to feel a little mundane, and Linck, who had a bachelor’s degree in mass communication, decided to try a different career path — one that involved educating and caring for people, would be both personally satisfying, and would help him make a difference.

The best occupation that combined all of those characteristics, he figured, would be nursing, because he could both care for his patients and inform them about how to maximize their health.

So in 2000, he enrolled in the Middle Tennessee State University, where he earned a bachelor's degree in nursing and went on to become a registered nurse, working with doctors in intensive care units and serving patients in chemical dependency rehabilitation centers, among other medical facilities.

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