MN farmers looking for health insurance now can turn to co-ops

15 Jan 2018

Pro-Ag Farmers Cooperative is following suit of other cooperatives in Minnesota by offering health insurance to its members.

So far, the response from members have been very positive, according to Mark Jaskowiak, the general manager of Pro-Ag.

"Last year, a lot of our members had a difficult time finding insurance and hopefully this will help," Jaskowiak said. "This gives our members another option for health insurance."

The Minnesota Legislature passed a bill earlier this year that opened the way for cooperatives to make group insurance programs available to farmers.

Pro-Ag has nearly 1,500 members in Douglas, Ottertail and Todd counties and is merging with the Hoffman Cooperative Grain Association in Grant County.

In September, Pro-Ag sent a letter to its members telling them about the option for a group health plan. Pro-Ag wanted at least 50 members to show interest in the program before it made the decision to move forward with offering the insurance.

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