What’s Apprenticeship?

8 Jan 2018

What do a pipefitter, plumber and bookbinder have in common?

These three occupations are among over 100 Minnesota occupations training over 10,500 apprentices in a formal system of training called apprenticeship. 

Apprenticeship combines on-the-job training with technical instruction. It is designed to produce craft-workers who are completely competent in all aspects of an occupation, including knowledge, skill and proficiency on the job. With apprenticeship training, a written contract between the apprentice and the sponsor, specifies the length of the training, school hours, an outline of the skills of the trade to be learned and the wages the apprentice will earn. That contract is approved by and registered with the state of Minnesota. 

Minnesota employers design their own apprenticeship program that provides apprentices with specific skills, training and job-related instruction tailored to the company's needs. Here are the FAQs

National Apprenticeship Week

National Apprenticeship Week in Minnesota is Nov. 13-19, 2017. During the week, the apprenticeship community will tell their stories about apprenticeship and promote the advantages of developing careers through the apprenticeship model. Read Gov. Mark Dayton's Apprenticeship Week 2017 proclamation.

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