Tapping into the 55-Plus Workforce

5 Jan 2018

The struggle is on both sides: Employers looking for workers and seniors looking for meaningful employment.

One solution: DEED’s Senior Community Service Employment Program – or SCSEP. 

The SCSEP helps organizations and businesses statewide, by providing training wages to workers assigned to a business, non-profit organization or agency.  

Here’s how it works: SCSEP pays for all of the participant’s training wages if they are assigned to work at a government or non-profit agency. Businesses that provide on the job training experience may also be qualified for the program, but may have to share in providing training wages. 

People age 55 and older who are eligible can participate. They benefit by getting on-the-job training and current work experience they need through paid community service assignments. 

“Organizations get additional workers but typically don’t pay training wages, while participating workers receive valuable work experience,” said Taryn Galehdari, program coordinator.  

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