Lakewood Health System Expansion Update

Lakewood Health System Expansion Update Main Photo

6 Mar 2017


The Staples clinic is on schedule.  The south walls of the clinic will be breached in the next month, which take approximately two weeks to complete.  Once a timeline has been established, the Women’s Health area will need to be vacated.  The preparation for the chiller began February 13th, and three offices have been vacated in the Administration/HR area to accommodate the installation.  Installation of the pipes for the new chiller began February 23rd in the employee hallway, which does not impact office space, but will impact passage in the hallway.  The schedule for the install in office space started February 27th for zone 1, which includes the boardroom, IT training room, diabetes consult room and diabetes office area to the mechanical room.  The timeline for this install is approximately 15 days.  These spaces will need to be vacated during this time.  Two compressors will need to be moved into the current boiler room to connect to the chillers.  Those compressors will affect the cooler and freezer of the kitchen.  Refrigeration units will be brought in for cold food storage near the leading dock area.  The steel work on the emergency department (ED) began the week of February 13th in order to catch up from the MN Department of Labor and Industry review delay.  The brick demo on the outside of the ED started February 13th.  Structural steel will begin to be installed through the end of March.  There will be piping which will need to be done in the ED in the upcoming month that will disrupt the ED workflow and patient care.  The Pillager clinic project started back up on February 20th.  Structural steel and trailers showed up the week of February 13th.  The framing of exterior walls will take approximately two weeks.  There will be some demo for the truss tails and shingle removal.

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