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1 Jan 2016


On Tuesday, March 15, 2011 the Todd County Board of Commissioners approved the resolution below.  This resolution is an affirmative statement that the Todd County Board of Commissioners believes that a county-wide effort to launch high speed reciprocal broadband services in Todd County is key to the success of the County in to the future.

Link to Blank Letter of Support
Link to Blank Resolution of Support

On behalf of the Todd County Board of Commissioners, the Todd County Development Corporation, the Long Prairie Healthy Communities Partnership, the Todd County Healthy Communities Partnership and the Todd County Livestock Advisory Committee you and/or your organization are invited to sign on in support of the Todd County Fiberband Initiative.  

Broadband is quickly becoming a necessary infrastructure, and its uses are growing beyond our local capacity.  The Todd County Board and other organizations feel strongly that the time is now to take this in to the hands of the community.  Todd County must come together as a community to stand up for our future. 

Please join the Todd County Board of Commissioners and other organizations throughout Todd County in supporting deployment and availability of high speed, reciprocal broadband to be available throughout this area.  Also, please feel free to share this letter and resolution with any individual or entity you think may be interested.  Should you desire more information or an electronic copy of these enclosures, please contact: 

Lori Jorgensen
Administrative Assistant
(320) 732-6447

Rick Utech
TCDC Executive Director
(320) 732-2128