Small Business Saturday in Todd County, Minnesota: Celebrating Local Businesses

Small Business Saturday in Todd County, Minnesota: Celebrating Local Businesses Main Photo

14 Oct 2023


Small Business Saturday, a nationwide celebration of local businesses, falls on the Saturday after Thanksgiving each year. In Todd County, Minnesota, this event is not just about shopping but also an opportunity to highlight the importance of supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs. Todd County Development Corporation (TCDC) plays a vital role in this endeavor as the designated North Central Regional "Small Business Development Center" (SBDC) Outreach Office.

Small Business Saturday, celebrated in November, is when communities across the United States unite to support their local businesses. In Todd County, it's a chance to celebrate and appreciate the unique charm of its small businesses, from quaint boutiques to cozy cafes and everything in between. The community gathers to shop, dine, and explore the diverse offerings of Todd County's entrepreneurs.

TCDC’s Small Business Development Center

TCDC's SBDC Outreach Office, located within the Business and Industry Center at Central Lakes College, Brainerd, is an invaluable resource for local entrepreneurs and small business owners. They provide free professional consultations and technical services to pre-venture and existing businesses in Todd County. Whether you have a business idea in its infancy or a well-established enterprise, TCDC SBDC is here to help you succeed.

Services provided by the TCDC SBDC Outreach Office include:

  1. Start-up Assistance: If you're looking to turn your business idea into reality, TCDC can guide you through the process, helping you navigate the challenges of starting a business.
  2. Business Plan Development: A well-structured business plan is essential for securing funding and achieving your business goals. TCDC can assist you in creating a comprehensive plan.
  3. Access to Capital and Loan Packaging: One of the significant hurdles for small businesses is securing capital. TCDC helps you explore funding options and assists in packaging loan applications. 
  4. Financial Assessment and Feasibility Analysis: Making sound financial decisions is critical. TCDC can provide insights and analysis to ensure your business remains financially viable.
  5. General Marketing and Research: Effective marketing is essential for attracting customers. TCDC can offer guidance on marketing strategies and help with market research.
  6. eCommerce/Web Site Development: In today's digital age, having an online presence is crucial. TCDC can help you establish or improve your web presence.
  7. Business Cash Flow Analysis and Financing: Managing cash flow is a significant challenge for many small businesses. TCDC can assist in analyzing your financials and exploring financing options.
  8. Succession and Strategic Planning: Planning for the future is vital. TCDC can help you develop a succession plan and strategic goals to ensure your business's longevity. In addition to these services, the TCDC SBDC Outreach Office also offers "Going Into Business" classes to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to start a successful business.

Small Business Saturday is an ideal time to visit and support the local businesses in Todd County. Whether you're shopping for unique holiday gifts, enjoying a meal at a locally-owned restaurant, or simply exploring the county's hidden gems, your patronage directly contributes to the community's economic growth. Your support helps create jobs, encourages innovation, and strengthens the bonds of the community.

As you participate in Small Business Saturday this November, take a moment to appreciate the small businesses that make Todd County a special place to live and work. And remember, Todd County Development Corporation's SBDC Outreach Office provides free expert guidance, ensuring that local businesses continue to thrive, innovate, and make Todd County an excellent place for everyone. Small Business Saturday is not just a shopping day; it's a celebration of the local businesses that are the backbone of our community. To take advantage of our SBDC services provided at no cost to you, please contact: 

Rick Utech