Fueling Entrepreneurship and Economic Prosperity: The Todd County SBDC

Fueling Entrepreneurship and Economic Prosperity: The Todd County SBDC Main Photo

19 Jun 2023


Small businesses are vital in driving economic growth and job creation in communities across the United States. However, without proper guidance and support, starting and maintaining a successful small business can be quite challenging, That's where the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in Todd County, Minnesota, comes in. As a part of the North Central Small Business Development Center located at Central Lakes College in Brainerd, the SBDC in Todd County provides invaluable assistance to local entrepreneurs and existing small business owners.

No-cost advice and professional services at all stages of the business cycle

The SBDC offers a wide range of services aimed at helping businesses thrive and expand. One of the primary objectives of the SBDC is to provide professional and individualized business advice and technical assistance. Whether in the pre-venture, start-out or already established phase, the SBDC can offer all the guidance you would need. Through confidential one-on-one consulting, qualified individuals and business owners can access expert advice without any cost. 

For pre-venture entrepreneurs, the SBDC offers assistance with business plan development and feasibility analysis. This critical step helps entrepreneurs turn their concepts into viable business plans, laying the groundwork for success. The SBDC can also help with start-up assistance, guiding entrepreneurs through the initial challenges of launching a new business.

Existing small businesses can benefit from the SBDC's expertise in various areas. Access to capital and loan packaging is crucial for businesses looking to expand, and the SBDC can provide guidance and connections to financing opportunities. Financial management and cash flow analysis are essential for sustaining and growing a business, and the SBDC can offer valuable insights in these areas. Marketing development and research are other critical services the SBDC provides, helping businesses reach their target markets effectively.

TCDC and the Small Business Development Center

The Todd County Development Corporation's Small Business Development Center Outreach Office, in partnership with the North Central SBDC, has been serving the Todd County area for over a decade. With more than 1,470 hours of professional technical assistance provided to over 200 businesses and organizations, the SBDC has proven itself as a valuable resource in the local business community. Katie Heppner, Director, North Central SBDC, talks about the valuable role that the Todd County Center has played in assisting small businesses over the years. “Rick Utech is a dedicated consultant for the Todd County SBDC, and he is available to address any business concern or challenge. In the last five years, Rick has provided over 470 hours of consulting 62 unique clients. The amount of capital that he has helped them secure is  $718,125. Our relationship with Todd County showcases our investment and commitment in supporting entrepreneurs and emerging entrepreneurs. This  includes women and veteran-owned businesses. Todd County has a higher Hispanic or Latino population and we are committed to providing them professional. business consulting at no cost and making our services readily available to them,” Heppner says.

The Small Business Development Center in Todd County, MN, catalyzes local economic growth and prosperity. By offering free professional consultation, personalized assistance, and a wide range of services, the SBDC supports small businesses at every stage of their development. To take advantage of our SBDC services provided at no cost to you, please contact Rick Utech - call on  (218)-732-2128 or email rick@co.todd.mn.us.