National Inventors Month: Celebrating the innovative mind

National Inventors Month: Celebrating the innovative mind Main Photo

30 Aug 2022


National Inventors Month falls in the month of August each year and is dedicated to recognizing the contributions of inventors everywhere. It encourages each one of us, in our own ways, to be innovative too!

When we think of inventors, we are usually reminded of people like Alexander Graham Bell or Henry Ford. Of course, these inventors made an impressive impact on our lives. However, in an age of gadgets and electronics, there is incredible progress being made every single day. A lot of technological innovation is taken for granted. In fact, every technological invention is affecting every facet of our lives. Every single day. 

The varied impact that inventions have on society

According to, inventions can have scientific, technological, economic, and social impacts on society. Here are some key findings by the organization:

Many inventions' impacts go beyond the direct economic effect of the invention

  • In some cases, inventions not only provided the scientific and technological foundation for new companies but were revolutionary ideas that spawned entirely new industries.

Inventors help solve major challenges facing society

  • The recent pandemic - the Coronavirus 2019 is a prime example of how individuals and companies came together in innovative ways to tackle the virus.

Maximizing the impact of an invention requires support

  • Addressing challenges in applying and manufacturing an invention, as well as navigating regulatory or business-management hurdles, requires a talented team.
  • A lack of exposure to role models and support networks is limiting inventor diversity. Programs and policies that support the development of both inventions and inventors remain important for ensuring opportunity.

How we could celebrate Inventors Month

How could you celebrate Inventors Month? One is to think about what your own favorite inventions are, and how much you appreciate the person who came up with them. Whatever your personal favorite invention is, take some time to find out a little about who was behind it. If his or her invention makes your life so much better the least you could do is show the inventor some respect by finding out a bit about its history.

Another way to go about celebrating this month would be to look into patenting an invention of your own. It is estimated that the average person has one or two ideas every month that could make them rich if they just had the courage to make their dreams a reality! So what are you waiting for? Inventor’s Month is the time to get those creative juices flowing and see what you are capable of!

What’s important is that you had the courage to go where no man has gone before, and that would definitely make all of the inventors before you proud!

Inventions, such as new tools, devices, processes, and medicines, have provided significant benefits to society. Inventions help people around the world live longer, healthier, and more productive lives and provide new ways to build, move, communicate, heal, learn, and play. Understanding and clearly communicating the value of invention can help policymakers appreciate the benefits of supporting the development of inventions across the industrialized world.