Todd County: Where quality meets enterprise

Todd County: Where quality meets enterprise Main Photo

4 Nov 2021


An entrepreneurial spirit is not something that can be taught - it has to be developed within oneself. An entrepreneurial mindset is one that continually embraces change, invites ardent questioning, and creates a constant striving for improvement. November is National Entrepreneurship Month, which celebrates our country's entrepreneurs who lead the way forward, by creating jobs, spurring growth, and forging ahead with innovation.

When it comes to choosing the right location for starting a  business venture or putting in place a new enterprise, entrepreneurs always look for the “perfect blend” of human and natural resources. Although the basics, like population, location advantage, human capital, and availability of resources are important, business owners and founders always look to see if the locality resonates with just the right sensibility. Todd County in the state of Minnesota is just that kind of place. Here, you can truly make a difference.

Forest meets Prairie- Quality meets Enterprise

For the residents of Todd County, a challenge is just another opportunity to move ahead - hard work, independence, and forbearance are some of the characteristics of this very resilient community. For entrepreneurs too, the locale provides a reason to reflect these beliefs, and professionalism coupled with respect are their hallmarks. Business owners state that their employees work hard round the clock, displaying immense fortitude and discipline in serving their customers and local residents. “We work as a team, across all departments, and whenever there is a challenge, we simply come together to face it, overcome it and then simply, keep going”, says one of Todd County’s manufacturing business employees.

At the heart of Central Minnesota: incredibly connected

With direct access to an interstate highway, Todd County benefits from being well-connected. Interstate 94 traverses through the southwestern corner of the County with an interchange at West Union. There is a second interchange - to the south of the County through the Interstate 94 and U.S. Highway 71 intersection, located in Sauk Centre. It is this interstate that provides the County with its primary connections to the regional centers of St. Cloud and Alexandria as well as the Twin Cities and Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan areas. 

A friendly business climate 

Todd County has been the launchpad for many businesses and is constantly looking to add more. With a friendly business environment conducive to growth, the county’s mission is to help entrepreneurs to settle in, expand and grow. No matter what your business or industry is, the right alignment between culture, community and enterprise hold the secret to a venture’s ability to thrive and succeed. Todd County‘s underlying sense of entrepreneurship and business acumen make it just the right place for a business to set root, take wings, and soar ahead.

A county with a sound entrepreneurial spirit

Many business architects are not just looking out for communities that match their business needs - they are looking for a place that matches, conveys, and embodies the culture of their enterprise. 

Todd County associates with the Todd County Development Corporation which provides economic development help with small business loans and other networking opportunities for all of the businesses located in, or wanting to come to, Todd County.

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