Manufacturing Month In Todd County - A Positive Mindset For Growth

Manufacturing Month In Todd County - A Positive Mindset For Growth Main Photo

13 Oct 2021


The manufacturing industry has made great strides in recent years, adding impressively to the country’s economic growth. Todd County Development Corporation joins scores of manufacturers across the country as we celebrate Manufacturing Month, an annual event occurring in October. The entire month is an ode to our companies and people who help to foster growth and encourage employment opportunities in the manufacturing industry. 

 A Productive Workforce

The manufacturers of Todd County have played a vital role in driving employment while spurring innovation and bringing in enhanced technologies. 

The county possesses a strong manufacturing base thanks to partnering with one of the most productive and committed workforces in the state. Todd County currently has low turnover and impressive productivity rates - its affordable wage policy helps labor and tech-intensive manufacturers work at reduced costs of operation, helping them to secure a competitive advantage. Currently, the percentage of Todd County’s manufacturing jobs is more than twice the state average. With most of those jobs in Long Prairie – a community with only 12 percent of the county’s population, it speaks volumes about the county’s positive outlook towards manufacturing and its productive workforce.

An Affordable Wage Policy

Local manufacturers in Todd County have a low-cost advantage over others, due to a sustainable average wage policy. Typically at 25 percent below the state manufacturing average employers are also aided by a strong business climate and lower operating costs. 

Enterprisecp Todd CountyA Reputed Food Manufacturer In Todd County: Enterprise-CP

Located in Long Prairie, Enterprise-CP is a full-service, vertically integrated pasta and pasta meal manufacturing and packaging company. ECP produces and co-packs variants of macaroni & cheese, apart from a full line of pasta dinners and pasta sides for retailers throughout the US. ECP also owns and operates its own flour mill and pasta plant. In addition to their pasta and co-packing operation, ECP produces and markets a private label brand of pasta, pasta dinners, and pasta sides under the “Premier Pantry” label.  
In 1992, Terri Jo Peery, of Enterprise-CP, drawn to the region due to its location was “pleasantly surprised” to see the number of manufacturers in Long Prairie. Terri states, “ We have a strong “Production-minded” culture and many of our newcomers encourage friends and family members to move here due to good jobs that are plentiful.” 

An Agile Workforce Is An Asset To Manufacturing

Brock Smith, Sales and Customer Service Manager at Enterprise-CP emphasizes the importance of having a motivated workforce. “ECP understands that supporting our local community and giving the labor pool a safe, clean, and healthy working environment is at the core of what makes our community and families grow and prosper”, Brock affirms.

Building An Equitable Relationship

Smith feels that it is important to build a sincere, stable relationship with employees. “We are constantly working with our workforce partners in order to build relationships and foster an atmosphere of community. We are a small company with a family feel.  We care about our employees and do all we can to make sure they are taken care of and feel valued,” he says, as he goes on to add,  “Working in the food manufacturing sector can be a great career path choice - for one, people must eat to live, so there is always a demand for what we produce.” 

An Active Participant Of Manufacturing Month

This year, EnterpriseCP is participating in “Manufacturing Month” by offering free tours of its Long Prairie plant, giving out free samples, and holding job fairs throughout the month.  (By appointment - call 320-357-3500 for more information).

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