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Where to Work: This Time It’s Personal

Monday, September 06, 2021

We went back and forth internally about whether to make the 2021 Global Groundwork Index feature or the one about Remote Work the cover story. The former got the nod, but the latter was no less deserving. Both, by the way, are authored by Managing Editor Adam Bruns, who can reveal all sides of whichever topic he’s covering.

The Global Groundwork Index article should be read by anyone in your organization considering international location options. The coming “Strategic Infrastructure SuperCycle” may sound like an over-hyped Weather Channel non-weather program, but it’s not. CG/LA Infrastructure’s Chairman and CEO Norman Anderson shares some inside-baseball insights about that notion and other entrants on the global infrastructure arena that you won’t find unless you read his recently published book, “Vision: Our Strategic Infrastructure Roadmap Forward,” which you really should.

Read full article.

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