How State Policy Shapes Broadband Deployment

17 Dec 2019

Efforts to expand access fall under five categories

This brief is one of a series based on a review of broadband deployment policies in all 50 states, published in Pew’s State Broadband Policy Explorer.


States are playing a crucial role in efforts to expand broadband to the 21 million to 163 million Americans1 who still lack access to this critical service, encouraging broadband investment and helping to bring more of their residents online.

To close gaps in access, almost every state has established broadband task forces or offices to centralize their efforts and many have set up dedicated funds aimed at reducing the number of state residents who lack broadband access. And by passing laws governing broadband construction and service, state legislatures have shaped how state agencies, local governments, internet service providers, and community anchor institutions—including hospitals, schools, and libraries—can boost connectivity.

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