Why We Support Todd County Businesses on Small Business Saturday

26 Nov 2019

For many people in our community, their favorite shopping memories have occurred when visiting a small business downtown. There is something special about shopping at a local store where the owners greet you by name, swap stories with you and ask about the kids. You can’t find that experience everywhere, but you can find it here. Small Business Saturday is an opportunity to recognize local small businesses for the positive contribution they make to our lives – during the holidays and all year long. 

Why We Support Todd County Businesses on Small Business Saturday

Ideally, community members would shop local all year long in order to create the greatest impact on our local economy. Small Business Saturday is a reminder to do so, and a fun reason to visit local shops and retailers to see what they have to offer. According to the National Federal of Independent Businesses, the support small businesses receive on Small Business Saturday helps them to start the holiday season strong. This is critical since the majority of small retailers report generating their most sales during the holiday season. Nationally, the campaign is working. From 2010 to 2018, $103 billion in sales has been generated for small businesses on Small Business Saturday (National Federation of Independent Business, 2019). 

Support of small retailers during the holiday season can make or break their year. Simultaneously, supporting Todd County businesses has a ripple effect. According to the Small Business Economic Impact Study small businesses keep the majority of their revenue within the community. In addition, every dollar spent at a small business, supports another 50 cents in local business activity. As an added incentive, every ten jobs created at a local business, support an additional seven jobs within the community (Small Business Economic Impact Study, 2018). These are compelling reasons to direct holiday spending away from online and big box stores and into the small businesses that add vibrancy and character to Todd County. 

Many Businesses Offer Discounts, Promotions and Extended Hours

To make holiday shopping even more fun, many local businesses offer specials or extended hours on November 30th. For example, True Value is offering a 3-day storewide discount. You can stock up on everything from Christmas lights to a new drill for dad and save automatically. 

In addition, some local businesses, like Pastime Antiques in Long Prairie, are not open year round, but are through the holiday season. They sell unique items and home decor that is ideal for the holidays. 

November 30th Events

There are several events on November 30th as well. For example, the Long Prairie Arts and Crafts Show is taking place on November 30th at the LPGE High School. There will be 150 exhibitors, creating opportunities to discover one of a kind gifts for everyone on the Christmas shopping list. 

Join Us in Supporting Todd County Businesses on November 30th (and throughout the year!)

Small businesses add character to our communities and are an incredible local resource. They create jobs, strengthen the economy and create unique experiences and memories for our families. Join us in supporting them by shopping small on November 30th and throughout the year!


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