What Businesses Are Saying About the Entrepreneurial Program at Bertha-Hewitt Schools

4 Sep 2019

Bertha-Hewitt public schools have implemented an entrepreneurial program that gives students the skills necessary to start and run a business - both for themselves and for local employers. “We want them to learn all aspects of running a business that will help them be more employable to fill jobs in our region,” said Eric Koep, Superintendent of the Bertha-Hewitt Public Schools. It’s working. 

Students Learn About Finance, Sales, Marketing and Production

Students are graduating after having learned about finance, sales, marketing and running operations. The program ensures they are well rounded in their business knowledge by the time they graduate.  This way, they are prepared to follow a wide variety of career paths and instantly add value to local employers. 

Students Have Sold Product Into Corporate Stores

When asked about the impact the program has had on students, Koep said, “Students have been involved in all aspects of starting and running a business. It has been amazing watching the kids transform; from buying several URL’s to successfully getting products into corporate stores – these kids have gained experiences that not many high schoolers receive in the state of MN.”

Local Businesses Are Participating and Hiring Students

Local businesses are participating in the entrepreneurial program and career academies by offering support, internships, and often hiring students right out of high school to fill positions. First, owners and managers will typically come in for a tour. “We get requests to give local businesses and organizations a tour every couple of months. I enjoy bringing people in to see all our programs at school, not just the entrepreneur program. All our staff go above and beyond to do something within their own room to make Bertha-Hewitt special. They are amazed when it gets to the entrepreneur program; I like giving those tours because I don’t do anything – the kids are the ones that run the tours, that is the most impressive part. These kids are truly leaders that are going to be a step above the rest when they enter college or the workforce,” said Koep. 

Career Academies Are an Important Workforce Solution 

The Bertha-Hewitt career academies and entrepreneurial program are an important workforce solution for Todd County. They prepare students to enter the workforce and to start a business. By helping students to develop business and leadership skills, they are preparing the workforce of tomorrow.