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Rigid Machining
Rigid Machining Photo

Browerville, MN

Contact Information
Dan Carry and James Brichacek
United States
(218) 414-0317

Category:  Success Stories

In August of 2017, Rigid Machining owned by Dan Carry and James Brichacek, began operations in rural Todd County.  Funding for business operations was provided by American Heritage Bank, Initiative Foundation and Todd County Development Corporation.

James Brichacek and Dan Carry have extensive backgrounds in the machining industry and are well versed in the business operations in their field of work.  Both have a two year college degree in the field of study with Dan having 12 years of experience and James 3 years.  During the first 12 to 18 months, the owners will be building and working the business themselves.  Their plan is to hire an employee in both the third and fourth years, if not sooner as they grow responsibly.

Growth and opportunity is estimated to be strong in this industry regionally and nationally.  Both Dan Carry and James Brichacek have a strong network base as potential customers.

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